Atlas Scientific ENV-32X
As computer power increases with each passing year, so too, does computer memory. Now, 32 gigabytes of flash memory so cheap, it's disposable. However, for the embedded systems engineer 32 gigabytes of flash memory is simply useless over kill. An 8 bit computer system is simply not designed to efficiently manage 32,000,000,000 bytes of memory.

Atlas Scientific has designed a memory system specifically designed to hold small strings of data no larger than 128 bytes long, a perfect size for holding sensor data. The ENV-32X Embedded Data Logger has been designed, like all other Atlas Scientific products, to be easy to use and easy to implement. The ENV-32X Embedded Data Logger requires no additional hardware and no drivers to operate. Simply output the string to be stored and the ENV-32X Embedded Data Logger takes care of the rest.

• 32Mb flash memory
• No drivers required
• Specifically designed to hold strings of up to 128 characters long
• Read/ Write/Erase 32,760 individual strings
• Fast operation read/write a 128 byte string in just 3ms
• Write to memory confirmation
• Two different organized read back methods
• 20 year data retention
• Up to 3,276,000,000 program/erase cycles
• Simple asynchronous serial connectivity (voltage swing 0-VCC)
• Simple instruction set consisting of only 7 commands
• Debugging LED's
• 3.3 volt operation
• Low power consumption
• Well suited for airborne applications weighing only 1.53 grams
ENV-32X DataSheet
Wiring Diagram
Raspberry Pi Sample Code
Arduino Sample Code
Arduino Mega Sample Code
ENV-32x: CAD Footprint File (*.dxf)
Flash Memory Data Logger
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