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There are many different brands of pH meters on the market today. From high-end bench top models, to low cost handheld meters. Some come with custom probes and others can use any off-the-shelf probe. The precision, accuracy and resolution of these different brands varies as wildly as their price. The one thing the embedded systems engineer knows with 100% certainty is that all of these devices are absolutely useless. The embedded systems engineer must have access to the core functional unit of a high-end benchtop device without any of the fluff. The Atlas Scientific™ EZO™ pH circuit brings you just that.

Whether you are manufacturing robots, process equipment, sensor arrays, or handheld equipment, Atlas Scientific™ brings you the power and flexibility of a laboratory grade pH meter, designed exclusively for robotics.

Welcome to the future of robotic chemical sensing.
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Part # EZO-pH
• Full range pH reading from .001 to 14.000
• Accurate pH readings down to the thousandths place (+/- 0.02)
• Temperature dependent or temperature independent readings
• Flexible calibration protocol supports single point, 2 point, 
  or 3 point calibration
• Calibration required only once per year with
  Atlas Scientific pH probe
• Single reading or continuous reading modes
• Data format is ASCII

Two data protocols 
• UART asynchronous serial connectivity
• (RX/TX voltage swing 0-VCC)
• I2C (default I2C address 0x63)
• Compatible with any microprocessor that supports UART, 
  or I2C protocol
• Operating voltage: 3.3V to 5V
• Works with any off-the-shelf pH probe

Sleep mode power consumption
• 0.995mA at 3.3V

Circuit Specs
• Dimensions: 13.97mm X 20.16mm (0.55" X0.79")
• Weight: 1.76 grams
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