Atlas Scientific DO Kit
D.O. Kit
The Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Kit comes with everything you need to get your laboratory grade embedded Dissolved Oxygen system up and running.
• 1 Dissolved Oxygen Circuit
• 1 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
• 1 125ml (4oz) 0 Dissolved Oxygen calibration solution
   (used to confirm that the D.O. is working properly)
• 1 Pre-Assembled Female BNC connector
• 1 D.O. Circuit decal
Sensor Max PSI: 690 kPa (100PSI)

Female BNC Spec
Thread Size 1/2" - 28, UNEF Thread type
Dissolved Oxygen Circuit DataSheet
Wiring Diagram
Raspberry Pi Sample Code
Arduino Sample Code
Arduino Mega Sample Code
PIC C Sample Code
BNC Technical Specs
Legacy Data Sheets
D.O. Circuit 1.0
D.O. Circuit 2.0
D.O. Circuit 2.1
D.O. Circuit 4.0
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