Atlas Scientific EC Probe
Conductivity Sensor
This scientific grade platinum conductivity sensor is corrosion resistant and extremely durable. These probes are great for laboratory testing or long term field use. This Sensor comes with a wire length of 30" (76cm) and has a BNC connector. 

This Conductivity Sensor can be fully submerged indefinitely.
Typical Applications
• Standard Lab use
• Field use
• Aquarium
• Hydroponics
• Food Safe
• Fish keeping
• Mixed aqueous/organic
• Samples containing Heavy metals
• Soil Samples
• Strong reducing agents
• Measuring Surface: Platinum black coated platinum
• Body material: Epoxy
• Max Temperature: 0-70 Degrees C
• Max PSI: 1379 kPa (200PSI)
• Dimensions 12mm X 150mm (1/2" X 6")
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