Atlas Scientific ENV-TMP
The Atlas Scientific ENV-TMP is a NEMA 6P, IP 68 rugged, all weather/submersible temperature probe, specifically designed to be used in the field. Although there is no shortage of temperature sensors, the VAST majority of them are not field ready and those that are, are not capable of prolonged exposure to high pressures, acids, bases or food products. The ENV-TMP has no problem in extreme environments.
• Sample code included
• Harsh environment
• IP 68
• Wide temperature range: -20 Celsius to 133 Celsius
• Accuracy: ± 1°C
• Fast reading time: <1 ms
• Ultra low operating current: 6 μA
• Wide operating voltage range: 3.1V to 5.5V
• Maximum Vout = 3V
• Power supply can be sourced by a microcontroller I/O pin
• Shock resistant: 16,126,837 Pascals (2,339 pounds per    square inch)
• Submersible
• Food Safe
• Water Tight
• Dust Tight
• Ice/sleet tolerant
• Non reactive to salt water
• Probe will sink when submerged
• Dimensions 12mm X 35mm (1/2" X 1.4")
ENV-TMP DataSheet
Wiring Diagram
Arduino Sample Code
Field Ready Temperature Sensor
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