Conductivity OEM™ Circuit

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Designed for mass production, the OEM-EC Circuit lets engineers add laboratory-grade conductivity measurements to any product. Because it can work with any off the shelf conductivity probe, you have the freedom to design a system that meets the needs of your customers without having to use expensive probes or connectors. 

Total dissolved solids (ppm)
Salinity = PSU (ppt) 0.00 − 42.00
Range 0.07 − 500,000+ μS/cm
Accuracy+/ – 2%
Response time 1 reading every 640ms
Supported probes K 0.01 – K 600 any brand
Calibration1 or 2 point
Temp compensation Yes
Data protocol SMBus/I2C
Default I2C address 0x64
Operating voltage 3.3V − 5V
Data format ASCII
Dimensions:12mm x 11mm (0.47″ x 0.43″)
Weight:0.53 grams
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