ORP Circuit

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EZO™ ORP Circuit front
EZO™ ORP Circuit back
EZO™ ORP Circuit side
EZO™ ORP Circuit side
EZO™ ORP Circuit side
Part # EZO-ORP
• Wide range ORP readings from -1019.9mV to +1019.9mV
• Accurate ORP readings down to the tenths place (+/- 1mV)
• Flexible calibration protocol supports single point
  calibration to any value
• Calibration required only once per year with
   Atlas Scientific ORP probe
• Single reading or continuous reading modes
• Data format is ASCII

Two data protocols 
• UART asynchronous serial connectivity
• (RX/TX voltage swing 0-VCC)
• I2C - default I2C address is 98 (0x62)
• Compatible with any microprocessor that supports UART,
  or I2C protocol
• Operating voltage: 3.3V to 5V
• Works with any off-the-shelf ORP probe

Sleep mode power consumption
• 0.995mA at 3.3V

Circuit Specs
• Dimensions: 13.97mm X 20.16mm (0.55" X0.79")
• Weight: 1.86 grams
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