Atlas IoT Monitoring Software

The Raspberry pi foundation has completely failed itself and the engineering community.

As you may already know, buying a pi-3 or pi-4 computer over the last three years has become increasingly difficult. The Raspberry pi foundation has made no official statement about this problem on its website. Pretending there is no issue has severely eroded our trust in the Raspberry pi foundation.

Atlas Scientific no longer recommends using a Raspberry pi for new products. We will no longer update our Raspberry pi sample code and have ended support for the Atlas Iot Software.

Please use our Atlas Desktop software going forward. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.


• Quickly setup a remote monitoring station
• Sleek and easy to use touchscreen interface
• Connect up to 9 EZO devices – I2C mode only!
• No programing or electrical engineering skills required
• No wiring required, just connect each EZO device to a Tentacle T3 shield.
• You can also connect each device directly into your Raspberry Pi’s USB ports, using our Gen 2 Electrically Isolated USB EZO™ Carrier Board.
• Sensor calibration and configuration can be done at any time
• Remotely connect to another Atlas IoT and display its readings
Connection to cloud via MQTT!

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