pH Probes & Sensors

pH (the potential of Hydrogen) measures the interaction between hydrogen and hydroxide ions within a water-based solution. A solution with a high amount of hydrogen ion activity is an acid. In contrast, a solution with a high amount of hydroxide ion activity is a base. Because pH is a property of water, the substance being measured must contain at least some water. Oil cannot have a pH. Solid, dry materials do not have a pH because there is no way for ions to interact within a solid matrix freely. A liquid water matrix, by itself, is also insufficient to produce a pH. Water only acts as a medium for hydrogen /hydroxide interactions. The pH of water comes from what is dissolved in it, not the water itself.

Atlas Scientific’s line of pH probes and microcomputers offers professional engineers a wide variety of pH sensing options designed to meet the needs of your embedded application. Our line of EZO and OEM microcomputers give your machine all the functionality and accuracy of a large benchtop pH meter with a single drop-in component.

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