Hydroponic Water Testing Basics: Maintaining a Healthy Garden

Known to be easy on space and environment, hydroponics is a fantastic growing method. It has been touted as a more of a “hipster” approach to vegetable farming versus the traditional soil-based garden culture. However, despite the cool factor, hydroponic farming tends to scare a few people away because of the difficulty associated with water

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Aquaponics Success Through Water Quality Testing

The practice of aquaponics is about attending to the delicate balance between plant life and aquatic species occupying the same hydrospace. Anyone who has ever maintained their own fish tank understands the depth of care that goes into keeping the water just right. In nature, the biological elements are designed to comingle together effortlessly resulting

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How to Control Water Flow Using Water Flow Regulators

Water this and water that, almost all functions of the natural and man-made world connect to water as an essential resource. Whether it is a lake day in the summer sun or a wastewater treatment plant, water is flowing back and forth, dirty and clean, vapor to rain, in a constant cycle that becomes ever

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The Benefits of Ozonated Water and Its Applications

Ozonated water is not a term you hear often. It makes one think of the ozone layer, and there are only a few among us who have heard of ozone water therapy or have asked their dentist what water they use for mouth rinses. It turns out that ozonated water is believed to be the

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Free vs. Combined vs. Total Chlorine: What’s the Difference?

Chlorine is a chemical element that belongs to the family of halogens. It is an extremely effective disinfectant as it can kill disease-causing bacteria and viruses, along with microorganisms that live in water, such as algae. Water chlorination has become common practice to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, and chlorine is routinely added to

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Connecting an Atlas Scientific CO2 Sensor to a Raspberry Pi 4.0

In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect an Atlas Scientific EZO-CO2™ Embedded NDIR Carbon Dioxide Sensor to a Raspberry Pi 4.0. There are multiple ways to connect an Atlas Scientific sensor to a Raspberry Pi. Today, we will be following a wiring diagram that will get the CO2 sensor running in UART

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Choosing a Water Flow Meter Type That’s Right for You

In an age where almost everything is measured and tracked, queue in water flow meters to do just that. Imagine the piping in your home as water rushes to and fro the essential zones, how is the amount of water, the pressure of water, and so on measured and tracked? With a water flow meter!

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The Importance of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in Wastewater Treatment

Beyond the normal activities of consuming, bathing, and the natural world, we often overlook the quality of this liquid life. We’re talking about high-quality H2O, water that drives everything we do from athletics to making a morning cup of joe. We often expect high-quality water, never thinking twice about it, and inherently taking it for

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