EZO™ Embedded Flow Meter Totalizer


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Reading the signal from a flow meter is easy; until you actually try and do it. A few missed pulses here and there leads to massive inaccuracies over a relatively short time. To accurately read and totalize flow rate, a subsystem must be used that has been specifically designed to do just that (hint don’t use your CPU to totalize flow; it’s busy doing other things).

The EZO-Flow can read be used with your own pulsed D.C. flow meter, or it can be connected to one of the flow meters we offer.

ReadsTotal flow and flow rate
PreprogrammedWorks with all Atlas Scientific flow meters
ProgrammableCan work with most off-the-shelf flow meters
Visual displayReal time turbine rotation
Data protocolUART & I2C
Default I2C address104 (0x68)
Operating voltage3.3V − 5V
Data formatASCII
Circuit dimensions13.97mm x 20.16mm (0.55″ x 0.79″)
Weight:1.76 grams

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