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The Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen probe is a durable little probe that can work in almost any environment. From basic laboratory work to remote fish farm monitoring, this probe has been installed in thousands of different machines worldwide. Because the probe comes with all the replacement parts, you need it’s easy to get many years of life out of this probe without ever having to buy a maintenance kit.

ReadsDissolved Oxygen
Range0 − 100 mg/L
Accuracy+/– 0.05 mg/L
Response time ~0.3 mg/L/per sec
Temperature range °C 1 − 60 °C
Max pressure 3,447 kPa (500PSI)
Max depth 343 meters (1,125 ft)
Connector Male SMA / Male BNC
Cable length 1 meter
Internal temperature sensor No
Time before recalibration ~1 Year
Life expectancy 5 Years +
Maintenance ~18 Months
Included with Dissolved Oxygen probe
1x SMA to BNC adapter
1x Syringe
1x 30ml bottle of Electrolyte Solution
5x Replacement PTFE Membranes
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