EZO-PRS™ Embedded Pressure Sensor


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EZO-PRS™ Embedded Pressure Sensor

Finding a good pressure sensor can be tough. Some seem so cheap they couldn’t possibly have any meaningful accuracy, while others are so expensive, how could anyone use them? The Atlas Scientific EZO-PRS is a digital pressure sensor that provides the accuracy you need at a reasonable cost. The sensor can read the pressure of a liquid, gas, or oil from 0-50 psi.

The EZO-PRS™ comes with:
One embedded pressure sensor, and one data cable with 5 pin male header.

ReadsPressure (Gauge)
psi (0 – 50.000) Default
atm (0 – 3.402)
bar (0 – 3.447)
kPa (0 – 344.738)
inches of water (0 – 1,385.38”)
cm of water (0 – 3,515.35cm)
Response time1 reading per second
Accuracy+/- 2% (1 psi)
Threaded connection1/4″ NPT
Cable1 meter / 5 lead
Data protocolUART & I2C
Default I2C address106 (0x6A)
Data formatASCII
Operating voltage3.3V − 5V

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