IXIAN™ Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter


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For some reason buying a dissolved oxygen transmitter involves clicking the “request quote” box. I think we all know what that mean$. Atlas Scientific isn’t interested in customizing the price based on who you are. We know who you are; you’re an engineer building a machine. Like other Atlas Scientific products, this dissolved oxygen transmitter gives you a simple solution to a complex measurement. Hook it up, calibrate the probe, get the readings and move on with your life. Simple, the way it should be.

ReadsDissolved Oxygen
Range0.00 mg/L to 32.00 mg/L
Accuracy+/– 0.2 mg/L
Calibration1 or 2 point
Supported probesAny type / brand of galvanic D.O. probe
Auto temp compensationYes
Sea water compensationYes
Mount35mm Din rail
Output4 − 20mA
Operating voltage9VDC − 36VDC
Electrically isolatedYes

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