Gravity™ Analog Isolator


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This analog isolator is designed to work exclusively with our Gravity line of low-cost embedded meters. Electrical isolators remove all electrical interference coming from other probes or pumps in the same water you are testing.  It converts the analog output from a Gravity pH, Gravity ORP, or Gravity D.O. meter to a PWM signal.

The PWM signal can then be easily converted back to a noise-free reading. Because this isolator uses PWM, it can be connected to a microcontroller that does not have an ADC, such as a Raspberry Pi.

Data output12.4KHz PWM
Voltage input3.0V − 5.0V
ConnectorHeader pins
Current consumption5V – 23 mA
3.3V – 15.7 mA
Carrier Board dimensions42mm x 32mm (2.2″ x 1.2″)
Weight13 grams
The Gravity™ Analog Isolator comes with
(4) standoffs and screws

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