Water Pollution Solutions

Water Pollution Solutions

Water covers around 71% of the Earth’s surface, and one of the main issues we are facing today is water pollution. We must reduce water pollution, which is why there are many solutions to combat the problem.  Sometimes water becomes polluted with chemicals such as oil, harmful bacteria, and other microorganisms. When water becomes polluted, …

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What Is ORP?

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), also known as redox, is the electron exchange potential that measures if a substance (usually liquid) is either oxidized or reduced. ORP is commonly used to measure cleanliness in water systems and the breakdown of waste products, detritus, and contaminants. ORP tells us if water quality is high or low in any …

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Why Is pH Important?

Why Is pH Important?

pH is important for a wide range of industries from aquaculture to wastewater treatments that require an accurate pH reading, especially when it comes down to human safety.  Potential for hydrogen, or pH, is a measurement to quantify the chemical conditions (the number of hydrogen ions) of an aqueous solution and is vital in a …

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The Importance of Controlled Humidity Levels for Growing Cannabis

Ever wondered how cannabis growers get the perfect aroma? From growing cannabis to consuming it, it all comes down to humidity. The marijuana industry is booming – generating ~$34 billion every year. As more legal growers take on the challenge, Americans are on the hunt for the best indoor grow rooms (under strict governmental rules …

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What is a Flow Meter?

A flow meter (often referred to as a flow sensor) is a device to measure flow rates of a gas or liquid in many types of applications, for example, liquid passing through a conduit. This can be either via the mass (linear or nonlinear ) or volumetric flow.  Despite many flow meters working differently, they …

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